Home What's Wrong What Is Wrong with Hasbulla: The Doctor Described Hasbulla’s Age and Her Uncommon Hereditary Condition.

What Is Wrong with Hasbulla: The Doctor Described Hasbulla’s Age and Her Uncommon Hereditary Condition.

What Is Wrong with Hasbulla: The Doctor Described Hasbulla’s Age and Her Uncommon Hereditary Condition.

The manager of TikTok phenomenon Hasbulla Magomedov, or “Mini Khabib,” has already chosen his opponent while the world waits for updates on their epic bout with fellow social media star Abdu Roziq.

Why Is Hasbulla so Well-Known?

what is wrong with hasbulla

When Hasbulla reproduced a video of fellow Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov’s UFC weigh-in, he gained the moniker “Mini Khabib,” caught the eye of celebrities like Kanye West, and became an overnight cult MMA hero. One of his most well-liked videos on the internet swiftly became his fight declaration and confrontation with YouTube singer and rapper Roziq.

Hizbullah’s manager, Chechen MMA fighter Ashab Tamaev, announced last week that his client would meet Abdu Roziq in “three to four days,” although the 18-year-old, who is thought to have dwarfism, has not yet seen his 17-year-old Tajik opponent.

Tain, a 32kg fighter who is ready to fight and is rumored to have the same growth hormone shortage as Hasbulla, has supposedly been set up by Tamaev as a new challenger. When the fight takes place, you’ll learn about it here first, but in the meantime, here’s all you need to know about Hasbulla.

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What Is Hasbulla’s Age?

Don’t be deceived by Hasbulla’s baby face; although being 18 years old, he has dwarfism, which causes his growth to be delayed, giving him a childlike appearance and voice.

With whom is Hasbulla at war?

what is wrong with hasbulla

Abdu Roziq, a well-known online personality from Tajikistan, is well-known for his record-breaking singing and rapping videos on YouTube. His Avlod Media channel has over 400,000 subscribers. Since their pre-fight ‘press conference’ went viral on TikTok, the entire globe has been waiting for news of the highly anticipated fight between Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik.

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Is Hasbulla Khabib’s relative?

Although Hasbulla has been branded “Mini Khabib” because the two are from the same region of Russia—Dagestan—they are not related. However, after Hasbulla’s ascent to internet fame, they have become closer and have appeared in numerous TikTok videos together.

What is the state of Hasbulla?

what is wrong with hasbulla

Hasbulla has dwarfism, which impairs growth and can result in other physical issues like bowed legs or a strangely curved spine, according to the NHS, but there is no formal information on the condition. Genes may be involved, but most often it’s due to the body not making enough growth hormone.

According to researchers at the Restricted Growth Association, it can be brought on by over 400 medical disorders, although the majority of victims are still able to lead regular, healthy lives. Ellie Simmonds OBE, a five-time gold medalist at the Paralympics, and Tyrion Lannister himself, Peter Dinklage, both have achondroplasia, a condition characterized mostly by dwarfism.

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From Whence Is Hasbulla?

The TikTok celebrity is from Dagestan, a Russian republic in the country’s extreme south that borders Azerbaijan and Georgia. It is nationally recognized for producing fighters, whether they compete in MMA, boxing, muay Thai, taekwondo, or wrestling. Although Khabib Nurmagomedov is the most well-known, he also made it possible for a number of his countrymen, such as the flyweight Askar Askarov and the welterweight Muslim Salikhov, to join him in the UFC.