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What Is Wrong with Kodi Lee: He Is a True Musical Genius and An Excellent Tap Dancer.

What Is Wrong with Kodi Lee: He Is a True Musical Genius and An Excellent Tap Dancer.

Through “America’s Got Talent,” Kodi Lee’s extraordinary talents were made known to the globe in 2019. After defeating the Detroit Youth Choir and stand-up comedian Ryan Niemiller, Lee, who was 22 years old, won the competition and the cash prize. Since winning the competition, Lee has kept up his love of music, routinely sharing his performances on Instagram with his over 400,000 followers.

Throughout his tenure on the show, Lee won the hearts of the country, particularly after his initial audition. Lee is blind and autistic, as his mother described on stage (via YouTube), but they quickly realized he loved music. She recalled how when they played music to him for the first time, “his eyes just got enormous.” “Oh my my, he’s an entertainer,” I thought as I broke down in tears.

She went on, “He was able to endure life in this environment through music and performance since it can be extremely difficult for autistic people to do what other people do. Playing music has in fact saved his life.”

An Unusual Medical Issue Was Discovered in Kodi Lee.

what is wrong with kodi lee

According to TV Over Mind, Kodi Lee was born with an inherited condition called optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH). This disorder is “marked by underdevelopment (hypoplasia) of the optic nerves… Vision can range from no light sensitivity to good functional vision, or even full vision in one eye,” according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

Additionally, those with ONH may experience “brain abnormalities and pituitary difficulties,” such as undeveloped nerve fibers in the corpus callosum, which connects the two hemispheres of the brain, and cortical Heteroptera, which is “an aberrant migration of neurons to the surface of the brain.”

When Lee was just five days old, this ailment nearly caused his demise. Thankfully, Lee lived, but the illness left him legally blind, according to Mashable SE Asia. Lee received an autistic diagnosis five years later. He may chuckle out of the blue, but he is unable to communicate when he is in danger or harmed due to the problems that have also impacted the way his brain processes emotions, according to TV Over Mind.

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What the Most Distinguished America’s Got Talent Performers Are Up To These Days

In terms of its talent pool alone, America’s Got Talent is unlike any other reality program. Watching one person after another attempt to emulate Whitney Houston or Shakira gets tiresome after a while, even while competition shows like The Voice, The X Factor, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance give people who can sing or dance a chance to get acknowledged. That issue is not present in America’s Got Talent. The actual reason we’ve been tuning in every summer since 2006 is to catch the artists who no one could have guessed would take the stage. Yes, there are some fantastic singers and dancers showing their vocals and their movements every year.

And even when they weren’t the ones holding to the host and sobbing with joy, their performances are frequently the ones that remain in our memories after the votes have been tallied, the fireworks have gone off, and the stage lights have dimmed. What transpired to some of the most recognizable acts to ever perform on the America’s Got Talent stage is described here.

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Kodi Was Nearly Born Dead

Kodi almost passed away at the age of five days after being born with optic nerve hypoplasia. At age 4, he was also formally identified as having autism, in addition to becoming legally blind. Such troubles did not, however, stand in the way of his love for music. The singer, pianist, and entertainer gave a performance in his high school’s production of “The Little Mermaid,” kept singing, and is now poised for his big break, appearing in front of millions of viewers on American Idol.

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Before “agt,” He Didn’t Have a Significant Social Media Following

what is wrong with kodi lee

Kodi was almost unheard of, in contrast to many other competitors presently appearing on NBC’s talent show. He didn’t have a sizable social media following before his Golden Buzzer performance, and he hadn’t even put out a debut album or EP. Before appearing on America’s Got Talent, Kodi had fewer than 1,000 Instagram followers. Now that his account has been verified and he has 268K followers, he is returning to compete in the reality show’s Live Rounds of competition.

Kodi has been performing at any gig that will have him for years, despite what could appear like his overnight popularity. Although he was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall, his most recent performances were at taverns and wineries in Temecula that were close by. His band, Midnight Satellites, has sold out every gig since becoming a media hit on American Idol.