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What Is Wrong with Lance Bass? Lance Bass Reveals Frightening Health Experience!

After coming out as gay in an exclusive interview with People in 2006, Lance Bass, one of the members of the ’90s boy band *NSYNC, moved his focus away from music and toward finding a love partner. He married long-term boyfriend Michael Turchin in December 2014 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, according to The New York Times, after exploring a few initiatives.

The pair revealed they were the fathers of twins on Instagram in October 2021. Bass wrote I’m speechless with emotion right now. Thank you for your warm greetings. It was quite meaningful. How do you change a diaper, now?” As the stars aligned, the two appeared to be overcome with joy.

Behind the scenes, though, the actress was suffering from health issues. According to People, Bass has been struggling with symptoms of psoriatic arthritis since being diagnosed five years ago and wants to help promote awareness about the disease. After being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, the “Bye Bye Bye” singer claimed that he has been able to better manage his pain, but that things would have been much more difficult if he had his children at the time of his diagnosis.

What Is Wrong With Lance Bass From NSYNC: Details on His Illness

On May 12, 2022, Lance revealed his diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis to People. He replied, “I had symptoms earlier, but you know, I kind of just lived with it, not understanding exactly what it was. I’ve always been a dancer, so I assumed it had something to do with that.”

“It started in my shoulders and progressed to my knees,” he continued. And because that was such clear evidence of dancer anguish to me, I just ignored it.”

Lance’s troubles turned out to be caused by more than just his dance routines over the years. Five years ago, he received a formal diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis.

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His Medical Situation

what is wrong with lance bass

Lance Bass said that he has been suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis for the past 5 years. As of now, he appears to be beneficial.

Psoriatic arthritis is a type of joint pain linked to psoriasis, a chronic skin, nail, and hair disease. Bass initially misinterpreted his symptoms, such as joint stiffness and physical weariness, for dancer injuries.

Because he thought he was only hurt, Bass stopped determining. He stated he felt relieved after informing his doctor about what was actually going on.

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Through His Health Problems, Lance Bass Hopes to Help Others.

Lance Bass, who has psoriatic arthritis, urges people to be aware of the signs early on. The musician claimed in an interview with People that when he first started experiencing symptoms, he dismissed them as “normal” and blamed them on dancing.

He blamed all of his symptoms, including extreme joint pain, on dancing until things became worse due to his lack of awareness about psoriatic arthritis at the time.

As a result, he collaborated with Amgen to launch the Double Take campaign in order to raise awareness and prevent others from repeating the mistake. Bass collaborated with choreographer SJ Bleau to produce a dance that teaches children and adults how to detect the symptoms of the disease so that it can be diagnosed early. “It’s a dance in which you’ll recognize the indicators and conditions through your nails, knees, hips, and head,” Bass told People. “Make an appointment with your doctor if you experience those symptoms.”

Bass is pleased for being able to regulate his psoriatic arthritis. “I’m so glad I learned this out before I had kids,” he remarked in an interview with E! News. “I’ve got this under control, and it’s wonderful to be able to hold my children the way I want.” Psoriatic arthritis has no cure, but treatment programs can keep the condition under control, according to John Hopkins Medical.


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