what is wrong with linda ronstadt

What Is Wrong with Linda Ronstadt? Linda Ronstadt Discusses the Severe Neurological Ailment that Caused Her to Give up Singing.

When the first signs of her sickness appeared in the year 2000, Ronstadt’s career began to experience serious problems. My throat would get tight. She explained to CNN in December 2020 that it would simply feel like I was cramping. Even though her performance frequency dramatically decreased, she kept on performing for an additional nine years.

She was forced to rely on mariachi singers to accompany her at her final performance in Mexico, and they sang many of the songs. Linda’s voice continued to degrade as the years passed, but she was unable to determine why. She gave her last stage appearance in November 2009, although she didn’t declare she had Parkinson’s disease until a few years later.

As she was writing up her memoir, Simple Dreams, in December 2012, she was given a startling prognosis. The next year, she went public with her health in a rare honest interview with AARP

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what is wrong with linda ronstadt

She told People, “It’s like not having a leg or an arm, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” In 2019 from the illness that took her singing voice away.

Singer Linda Ronstadt talks about how progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) forced her to retire and how she came to terms with her diagnosis in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Initially given a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, Ronstadt explains how the condition has caused her to lose control over her vocal cords, resulting in her final performance in 2009. Four years later, she formally ended her decades-long singing career.

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what is wrong with linda ronstadt

She also discusses how she came to terms with her diagnosis, the disease’s ties to her family, and how she manages its symptoms.

In the interview, she claims that she “finds innovative new ways to do things.” Eating is difficult. I had to retrain myself to eat. If you’re persistent and prepared to do that, you could create a new brain map, but it’s challenging.

In addition, Ronstadt is the subject of a current CNN Films documentary titled “Linda Ronstadt:

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The Sound of My Voice,” Which Examines Her Career and Relationship with PSP.

what is wrong with linda ronstadt

Ronstadt was first identified with Parkinson’s disease, even though she would eventually be given a PSP diagnosis. Both evaluations surprised me. “I assumed [the doctor] would inform me that I had a pinched nerve, which they could treat.

I was completely astonished when he continued, “Well, I think you might have Parkinson’s disease.” After that, it took him approximately a year to make the diagnosis, and it took him a little longer to realize he had supranuclear palsy, according to Ronstadt, speaking to CNN.

Unfortunately, Ronstadt claims that PSP lacks such therapy options while other Parkinson’s sufferers benefit from specific drugs and therapies. According to her statement to AARP, “I have a form of Parkinsonism that doesn’t respond to standard Parkinson’s medications, so there is no treatment for what I have.”

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what is wrong with linda ronstadt

Her symptoms, which she initially believed to be the result of a small pinched nerve, were actually signs of a disorder called progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). PSP and Parkinson’s disease are comparable. According to the NHS, its primary symptoms include muscle stiffness, slurred speech, mobility issues, and speech disorders.

It is brought on when tau, is a protein required to help form the brain but which typically breaks down, builds up, and damages certain areas of the brain. Ronstadt remarked, “I was anticipating [the doctor] was going to say I had a pinched nerve and they could heal it.