what is wrong with mama junes eyes

What is wrong with Mama Junes Eyes? June’s Eyesight Loss Is Mostly Due to Untreated Juvenile Cataracts!

Mama June: From Not to Hot is a We TV reality show that airs in the United States. The show is a spin-off of TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and aired on February 24, 2017. June “Mama June” Shannon’s weight loss journey from 460 to 160 pounds is documented on the show (209 to 73 kg).

Mama June and her boyfriend, Eugene “Geno” Doak, were arrested and charged with felony drug possession and drug paraphernalia at a petrol station in Alabama on March 13, 2019, with Geno, also facing a charge of domestic abuse. The sitcom was renamed Mama June: From Not to Hot – Family Crisis for the fourth season, which premiered on March 27, 2020. The fifth season aired on March 19, 2021, under the new title Mama June: Road to Redemption, with the phrase “From Not to Hot” eliminated completely.

When did she first notice she was getting blind?

what is wrong with mama junes eyes

Mama June’s eyesight loss is mostly due to untreated juvenile cataracts, as she described on her show in 2018.

“I’ve had vision difficulties since I was a baby.” Mama June revealed on an episode of her eponymous show that she was born with cataracts and that “nothing was ever done.”

“I went blind in my right eye four years ago, and my good eye is now pretty poor,” she continued.

In the same year, she tells People that her left eye had been damaged by a retinal detachment, an eye condition in which the retina separates from the tissue beneath it.

Mama June also revealed her crack addiction in June of this year.

“Cocaine crack has to be my drug of choice,” she revealed in an episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot.

“I started snorting it, lost my vision, quit, and then started smoking crack.”

“It’s odd because it gets up in here if you snort it.”

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Did she have surgery?

what is wrong with mama junes eyes

Mama June did, in fact, undergo emergency surgery in 2018.

She couldn’t see when she awoke one day, although Geno was at home at the time.

She helped her out of bed, spoke with Alana “Honey Boo Boo,” and the three of them went to the hospital together.

Mama June’s ophthalmologist told her, “You have a detached retina, which is why you’ve been having vision problems.” “As a result, we need to get you into surgery right away.”

“We’ll have to give you a scleral buckle.” The buckle will aid in reattaching the retina to the eye’s surface.”

Mama June admits to being “nervous” ahead of her surgery to reattach her retina and restore her vision to what it was before the detachment.

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June’s first daughter, Anna, was born when she was fourteen years old. She gave birth just a few days after her fifteenth birthday and dropped out of high school as a result. Later, she was able to obtain her GED. Jessica, Lauryn, and Alana are June’s other daughters.

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