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What Is Wrong with Michael Luttig? The Electoral Count Act Is Being Overhauled by Luttig!

John Michael Luttig (born June 13, 1954) is an American lawyer and former United States Circuit Judge for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia.

A Respected Conservative Judge Is Now a Critic of His Party — and Former Clerks

what is wrong with michael luttig

One of his former law clerks questioned retired federal Judge J. Michael Luttig about the participation of another in the insurgency as he was speaking before a House committee on Jan. 6.

Senior attorney John Wood remarked on the situation before questioning Luttig about the involvement of fellow former clerk John Eastman in pressuring then-Vice President Mike Pence to reject the 2020 election results.

Luttig, a well-respected conservative judge who sent dozens of clerks to the Supreme Court after almost being nominated himself, had counselled Pence to disregard the recommendation of a former clerk, Trump loyalist Eastman.

Trump broke the law by attempting to pressure Pence, according to committee leaders on January 6.

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Committee Hearings in The House of Representatives on Jan. 6

what is wrong with michael luttig

Trump broke the law by attempting to pressure Pence, according to committee leaders on January 6.

The scenario, according to law professor and former acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal, is “the nightmare for every federal law clerk ever.”

“I consider the two judges for whom I clerked to be my parents, and everyone of the clerks to be a member of the family,” Katyal tweeted.

According to Nina Totenberg of NPR, Luttig served as a federal appeals court judge for 15 years, gaining a reputation as one of the country’s most distinguished and conservative judges. During the Bush administration, he was widely cited as a prospective Supreme Court nominee, and he sent more than 40 clerks (dubbed “Luttigators”) to Supreme Court clerkships. Thirty-three of them worked for Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

“This folly, this complete lunacy”

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was another of Luttig’s clerks. Cruz is an ardent Trump supporter who has minimised the events of Jan. 6 and aggressively opposed the committee proceedings. Cruz characterised Luttig as “like a father to me” in 2016, and the two appear to have been close.

As an increasingly outspoken critic of Trump and the Republican Party, Luttig has separated with Cruz and several of his other high-profile proteges.

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Several Final Straws Led Him to Act, He Told the Los Angeles Times Earlier This Year:

what is wrong with michael luttig

The Republican National Committee’s resolution describing those linked to phoney voters as engaging in “legitimate political discourse” and chastising Reps. For their roles on the House panel, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger;

and Trump’s public attacks on Vice President Mike Pence for declaring he couldn’t overturn the election, as well as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell for criticising the Republican National Committee.

He went on to say that the fact that more Republicans aren’t speaking out against “this folly, this total madness” is “the essence of failing leadership.”

The 68-Year-Old Had Set up A Twitter Account with His Son’s Aid Just Weeks Before Jan. 6 to Try to Help Pence Reject Trump’s Request to Overturn the Election Results.

On the Morning of Jan. 5, He Tweeted, “the only Job and Power of The Vice President Under the Constitution Is to Faithfully Tally the Electoral College Votes as They Have Been Cast.” the Next Day, in His Letter Explaining Why He Certified the Results, Pence Referred to That Thread.

Since then, Luttig has remained active on Twitter, frequently trolling former clerks like Cruz and Eastman, who have been friends since clerking together in 1995.Luttig labelled Eastman’s legal analysis “incorrect at every point” in one discussion.

In another, he responded to Cruz’s claim that Supreme Court candidate Ketanji Brown Jackson would be “the most extreme and farthest left justice to ever serve” on the court:

“If there was anything to Senator Cruz’s statement, I would not hesitate to revoke my endorsement of Judge Jackson for the Supreme Court,” Luttig wrote. “In fact, the exact reverse is true.”

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The Electoral Count Act Is Being Overhauled by Luttig.

Luttig Has Also Publicly Chastised Cruz for His Role in The Events Leading up To the Capitol Incident on The Internet.

“Once Ted Cruz vowed to object, January 6 was all but preordained,” he told The Washington Post in March, “since Cruz was the most powerful man in Congress eager to force a vote on Trump’s assertion that the election was stolen.” “He was also the most versed about the complexities of the Electoral Count Act and the Constitution, as well as how to exploit both.”

Cruz’s efforts, according to Luttig, demonstrate the necessity to revise the 1887 Electoral Count Act in order to prevent a single senator from wielding such disproportionate power over the outcome of a presidential election. Luttig is collaborating with legislators to revise the act.


“Such is Republican politics these days,” Luttig told the Post, “that presidential and congressional hopefuls will buy the former president’s sanction and approval at any price.”


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