what is wrong with selma blair

What Is Wrong with Selma Blair? Her Health and Illness Update, There’s a Lot You Don’t Know About It!

Selma Blair Beitner is an actress from the United States of America. She appeared in a variety of films and television shows before being recognized for her main role in Brown’s Requiem (1998).

Her breakout roles were as Zoe Bean on the WB sitcom Zoe, Duncan, Jack, and Jane (1999–2000) and Cecile Caldwell in the cult film Cruel Intentions (1999).

She continued to have success with the comedy Legally Blonde (2001) and The Sweetest Thing (2002), and she rose to international recognition as Liz Sherman in the big-budget fantasy flicks Hellboy (2004) and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008).

Storytelling (2001), A Guy Thing (2003), A Dirty Shame (2004), The Fog (2005), WZ (2007), Feast of Love (2007), The Poker House (2008), Dark Horse (2011), In Their Skin (2012), Ordinary World (2016), Mothers and Daughters (2016), Mom and Dad (2017), After (2019), and A Dark Foe (2019) are some of her other notable film credits (2020).

She portrayed Kim in the American adaptation of Kath & Kim (2008–2009), Kate Wales on the sitcom Anger Management (2012–2014), and Kris Jenner in the first season of the FX drama series American Crime Story (2016). Blair was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for narrating The Diary of Anne Frank in 2010.

Her Health and Illness Update

what is wrong with selma blair

Blair announced in October 2018 that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in August. She had assumed she had minor diseases or a pinched nerve for years, but the diagnosis finally explained her symptoms, which included periodic falling, dropping objects, cloudy memory, and her left side “feeling like it was asking for instructions from a malfunctioning GPS.”

She wanted to thank Allisa Swanson, her costume designer, for becoming her unofficial “dressing” for her role in the Netflix series Another Life, noting that Swanson “gets my legs in my jeans, pulls my tops over my head, (and) buttons my coats.” Blair’s memoir, Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up, was published in May 2022 and detailed her experiences with multiple sclerosis.

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As Selma Blair’s new documentary is published, here are some common signs of multiple sclerosis.

what is wrong with selma blair

In a new documentary, “Introducing, Selma Blair,” actress Selma Blair shares her personal story with multiple sclerosis (MS). The 49-year-old was diagnosed with the condition in 2018, and the video chronicles her battle with it as well as the treatments she’s tried to prevent its growth.

Blair, like many of the 1 million people in the United States with MS, had been experiencing symptoms for years before being diagnosed.

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What is the definition of multiple sclerosis?

MS is a central nervous system inflammatory disorder. It’s thought to be an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissues – in this case, the neurological system.

Because it’s such a difficult disease, people can experience a wide range of symptoms. MS is most typically diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 and 40, though it can affect anyone.

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What are some of the most prevalent MS symptoms?

When Blair was walking in a New York Fashion Week presentation in February 2018, she sensed something wasn’t right.

“I abruptly lost feeling in my left leg on that runway, with the pleasure of walking in the show,” she explained in an interview with Town & Country magazine. “However, I was standing on a runway, wondering what I should do.”

Blair’s doctor diagnosed her with MS after a magnetic resonance imaging scan revealed lesions on her brain six months later.

A common symptom of isolated episodes, also known as relapses, is numbness or weakness in the legs, arms, or one side of the body. Patients often fully recover from these types of attacks, although the results vary significantly – some patients have many attacks in a year, while others go years without relapse. Visual loss in one eye, double vision, vertigo, and difficulty walking are further signs of a recurrence.

Additionally, there are some early indicators that appear before typical MS symptoms appear; however, these symptoms can arise in a number of circumstances and are not limited to MS. These are a few examples:
Problems with the bowels and bladder
MS researchers are working hard to develop early-diagnosis tests, but there is presently no test that can detect MS before a person has an attack.

If you observe symptoms of an MS attack, speak with your doctor about being sent to a neurologist as soon as possible.

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Selma Blair brings attention to multiple sclerosis, but there’s a lot you don’t know about it.

She isn’t the first star to help spread the word about the condition. Other people who have made their MS diagnosis public include:

  • Christina Applegate is an actress known for her role as Kelly in “Married With Children” and, more recently, “Dead To Me,” among many others.
  • Jack Osbourne, the son of heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler, the actress best known for her role as Meadow Soprano on the HBO series “The Sopranos.”
  • Clay Walker, is a country music artist best known for songs “This Woman and This Man” and “Live Until I Die,” among many others.
  • Richard Pryor was an actor and comedian who starred in many films.
  • Rachel Miner is a retired actress who starred in “Guiding Light” and “Supernatural,” among others.
  • Montel Williams, TV personality, actor, and radio talk show host. He is best known for hosting the daytime talk show “The Montel Williams Show.”
  • Ann Romney, wife of Sen. Mitt Romney.

When it comes to the disease and its consequences, every one of these persons has a unique narrative to share.

Blair, a famous actress, and mother of a 10-year-old son have bravely and publicly shared her tale.

“My neurologist told me, ‘This will raise a lot more awareness since no one has the energy to talk when they’re having a flare-up,'” she explained.

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Early Life

Selma Blair was born on June 23, 1972, in Southfield, Michigan, as Selma Blair Beitner. She was raised in a Jewish family with her mother Molly (a judge), her father Elliot (an attorney), and older sisters Elizabeth, Marie, and Katherine; Elliot died in 2012 at the age of 82.

Selma’s parents split when she was 23, and she formally changed her surname to Blair. She went to Hillel Day School and Cranbrook Kingswood before enrolling in Kalamazoo College to pursue a degree in photography. Selma performed in “The Little Theater of the Green Goose” at Kalamazoo College, and when she moved to New York City at the age of 20, she studied acting at the Stonestreet Screen Acting Workshop, Stella Adler Conservatory, and the Column Theatre while attending New York University (NYU) and living at The Salvation Army.

She eventually transferred from NYU to the University of Michigan, where she received her magna cum laude degree in 1994. Blair received a bachelor of arts in psychology and a degree of fine arts in photography after pursuing a double major in English and fine arts. She returned to New York after graduation.