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What Is Wrong with Stuart in Eastenders? Stuart Dies as Cancer Progresses!

What Is Wrong with Stuart in Eastenders? Stuart Dies as Cancer Progresses!

EastEnders is a British soap opera that has been shown on BBC One since 1985 and was conceived by Julia Smith and Tony Holland. The show is set in Albert Square in London’s East End, in the fictional borough of Walford, and chronicles the lives of local residents and their families.

Initially, two 30-minute episodes were broadcast every week, which was eventually increased to three, but from 2001 until March 2022, episodes were televised every weekday except Wednesday (outside of special occasions).

Due to the three-month suspension in production in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show’s transmissions were limited to two 30-minute episodes each week, and the show eventually went off the air. Due to filming restrictions, the show will resume on September 7, 2020, with four 20-minute episodes per week.

The show announced in February 2022 that the Friday broadcast would be discontinued, and that beginning on March 7, 2022, the show will air every weekday except Friday, marking the first time in the show’s history that the show would air on Wednesday on a regular basis.

Within eight months of its debut, the show had risen to the top of BARB’s TV ratings and has stayed among Britain’s highest watched shows ever since. In 2013, an episode’s average audience share was around 30%.

EastEnders is still a vital part of the BBC’s success and viewer share today. It was particularly significant in the history of British television drama, as it tackled a number of topics that are considered contentious or taboo in British culture, as well as showing a social life that was previously unrepresented on British mainstream television.

In EastEnders, who did Stuart Highway murder and will he and Rainie have a child?

what is wrong with stuart in eastenders

Stuart Highway is a former childhood friend of Mick Carter, a one-time tormentor of Mick’s sister, Tina Carter, and a former paedophile hunter in EastEnders.

His brother is Callum Highway, and he is married to the Mitchell family. Vi, his grandma, has arrived in Albert Square.

Stuart also has a daughter named Zara, who dislikes spending time with her father. Stuart is Rainie’s husband, and the two look after Rainie’s great-niece Abi Branning. They share the funeral home.

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On EastEnders, who portrays Stuart Highway?

what is wrong with stuart in eastenders

Ricky Champ plays Stuart. Ricky has previously starred on television in shows such as Family Affairs, Casualty, and the comedy series Him & Her before taking up the role of Stuart on EastEnders.

He’d also been in Game of Thrones and, a few years before, in EastEnders as a photojournalist.
Ricky and Samantha Gilbert have a daughter named Beatrix.

He’s an avid golfer who has demonstrated his skills on a special episode of Strictly Come Dancing for Children in Need.

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The arrival of Stuart in Walford

Stuart appeared to be a nasty piece of work when he arrived at Albert Square. His tricks, such as donning a mask and grabbing Mick to make him think he was being attacked, or paying Hayley Slater to sleep with a drunk Mick, backfired, and no one was happy to see him.

Stuart and Mick had a history:

When they were children, Stuart had taken responsibility for Mick and ended up in a juvenile detention centre. As a result, he believed Mick owed him money.

Stuart’s phone had texts from underage girls, which Mick discovered and reported to the police. Stuart, on the other hand, confessed that he was looking for paedophiles and enlisted Mick’s help.

He was enraged when Mick backed out of one confrontation because their intended victim wasn’t a paedophile. Stuart resolved to exact his vengeance.

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EastEnders spoilers: Stuart Dies as Cancer Progresses?

what is wrong with stuart in eastenders

On EastEnders, Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) has been playing a risky game. He was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and informed that surgery was his best chance of survival.

Stuart has had drug problems in the past, and he refused to have surgery because he was afraid of being prescribed heavy painkillers, which could lead to relapse.

Instead, he’s been attempting to combat the condition by taking supplements and shunning all traditional therapies, to the chagrin of his wife Tanya Franks and brother Callum (Tony Clay).

In upcoming episodes, Callum finally persuades his brother to go to a healthcare checkup since Rainie is becoming increasingly stressed and upset.

They’re devastated to find at the appointment that Stuart’s cancer has progressed as a result of his refusal to follow medical advice. It’s now a life or death situation, and he requires rapid surgery.

Rather than being the wake-up call, Stuart requires, he stubbornly continues to his decision to treat his disease holistically, even going out to buy more vitamins.