Home What's Wrong What Is Wrong with The Yankees? the Yankees’ Divisional Advantage Should Not Be Used as An Excuse for Making Bad Choices.

What Is Wrong with The Yankees? the Yankees’ Divisional Advantage Should Not Be Used as An Excuse for Making Bad Choices.

What Is Wrong with The Yankees? the Yankees’ Divisional Advantage Should Not Be Used as An Excuse for Making Bad Choices.

The Bronx neighborhood of New York City is home to the New York Yankees, a professional baseball team from the United States. As a part of the American League (AL) East division, the Yankees participate in Major League Baseball (MLB). They share a stadium with the National League’s (NL) New York Mets as one of two major league teams with New York City as their home base.

The New York Highlanders were established in 1903 when Frank Farrell and Bill Devery bought the franchise rights from the defunct Baltimore Orioles (who are unrelated to the current team of the same name) when they halted operations. In 1913, the Highlanders adopted their new moniker as the New York Yankees.

Bench Problems

what is wrong with the yankees

The Yankees had 13 pitchers on their 25-man roster as of Tuesday’s game. Everyone now acknowledges the need for pitching, but the key lies in finding a few good pitchers rather than many subpar ones.

Given that they are occupying the bench spots of players who could have been used to pinch hit with one out and runners on second and third, having extra players walk with the bases loaded is especially detrimental.

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Ramiro Pena, a rookie, stepped up to the plate in that situation. There were only two possible outcomes in the situation that could have prevented a run from scoring and tying the game at four all. The other was a strike; the first was an infield pop-up. Pena was out-hit.

The Yankees might have had just one player who was slightly above replacement level and could have gotten a bat on the ball if they had an extra spot or two on the bench. Jose Molina grounded out to end the inning following the K. a ground out that would have allowed the tying run to score if it had occurred one batter sooner.

Items that Cost a Lot Should Not Be Sat Upon

what is wrong with the yankees

They were unable to fill the $1.5 million cathedral they constructed. Not at the pricing, they have set for seats, at least. The pinstripers have never performed for a crowd that wasn’t entirely packed. Whether they attempt to downplay it or not, it’s on the minds of the players, coaches, and owners.

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The new stadium’s worst feature is that the majority of visitors are impressed by all the non-game-related attractions. The field appears exactly the same, with the exception that seating is much more expensive and there are, for some reason, a lot more home runs. The concourse, the shops, the restaurants, etc. are all identical.


It’s not always the case that C.C. Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, and A.J. Burnett are egomaniacs with enormous heads. They are megastars who play in the worst venue in the free world while earning nauseating amounts of money.

Nobody plays in New York because it’s a terrific place to play, so don’t let anyone fool you. Two things draw men to the location. The owners’ spending preferences are the first factor. like inebriated sailors on weekend leave

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what is wrong with the yankees

The second reason is that the Yankees have a rich history. They all believe that having the title “I’m a Yankee” will make up for the incredibly fickle fans, the vicious press, and the obsessive attention paid to each and every game. Nobody genuinely thinks that it’s a terrific spot to play baseball.

They could or might not be prima donnas, but one thing is certain: they require special care as they adjust to life in the Bronx. This is especially true when you get off to a bad start like the Yankees and their three Brinks truck drivers did.

Joe Girardi is unable to maintain these guys’ composure. They might straighten out on their own if they start to perform better. They might not, though. Check out A-Rod.