what is wrong with tom hanks

What Is Wrong with Tom Hanks? Finally He Opens Up On His Diabetes Diagnosis!

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, an American actor, and director, was born on July 9, 1956. He is one of the most well-known and recognizable cinema stars in the world, as well as an American cultural icon, and is known for both humorous and serious parts. Hanks’ films have grossed over $4.9 billion in North America and $9.96 billion worldwide, making him the fourth-highest-grossing actor in the country.

Splash (1984), Bachelor Party (1984), Big (1988), and A League of Their Own (1988) marked Hanks’ breakthrough as a main actor in a series of comedic films that gained positive critical acclaim (1992).

For his roles as a gay lawyer with AIDS in Philadelphia (1993) and the title character in Forrest Gump (1995), he received two Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role (1994).

Saving Private Ryan (1998), Catch Me If You Can (2002), The Terminal (2004), Bridge of Spies (2015), and The Post (2017) are among the five films Hanks worked on with director Steven Spielberg, as well as the 2001 miniseries Band of Brothers, which launched his career as a director, producer, and screenwriter.

The romantic comedies Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and You’ve Got Mail (1998); the dramas Apollo 13 (1995), The Green Mile (1999), Cast Away (2000), Road to Perdition (2002), and Cloud Atlas (2012); and the biographical dramas Charlie Wilson’s War (2007), Captain Phillips (2013), Saving Mr. Banks (2013), Sully (2016), A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019), and News of the World (2019) are among Hanks’ other films (2020).

He has also voiced Sheriff Woody in the Toy Story film series (1995–present) and acted as the titular character in the Robert Langdon film series.

Tom Hanks Brands Himself an ‘idiot’ for Diabetes Diagnosis as Fans Share Health Concerns.

what is wrong with tom hanks

Tom Hanks, Who Starred in The Film Forrest Gump, Confirmed His Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis in 2013, Calling Himself a “idiot” for Not Taking Better Care of His Health.

Tom Hanks has labelled himself a “idiot” for failing to maintain a healthy diet and weight prior to being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

During an interview on David Letterman’s Late Show in 2013, the 65-year-old Hollywood actor first revealed his diabetes diagnosis.

The Forrest Gump actor noted at the time: “‘You know those high blood sugar readings you’ve been dealing with since you were 36,’ the doctor said when I went to the doctor. You’ve made it to the top of the class. “Young fellow, you have type 2 diabetes.””

Doctors advised Tom that if he reduced weight, he might drastically reduce his risk of diabetes – but the actor felt it was impossible.

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And the well-liked actor recently revealed more about his diabetes diagnosis when he called himself “lazy.”

what is wrong with tom hanks

“I’m part of the lazy American generation that has naively continued to dance through the celebration and now finds itself with a malady,” he told Radio Times.

“I was a big person.” You’ve seen me in films and are familiar with my appearance. I had made a complete fool of myself.

“I believed removing the buns from my cheeseburgers would help me avoid it.””

Fans were worried about Tom’s health when he couldn’t control his shaking right hand on stage earlier this month.

The 65-year-old Castaway star was promoting Baz Luhrmann’s biopic of Elvis Presley, in which he plays Elvis’ manager.

Filming took place in Sydney, Australia, and the premiere was held there.

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“There is no finer spot in the world to make a motion picture than right here on the Gold Coast,” Tom said, standing on the stage in front of an audience.

He added, while holding the microphone in his right hand, “I’ve shot films in Morocco, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, and Berlin.” They don’t have what the Gold Coast has, so what is it? Only two words are necessary. Dan Murphy is unavailable in any of the other cities. What a wonderful man I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.”

“He seems to have aged all of a sudden – he’s lost weight,” another said.

“Unfortunately, his worsening health suggests Parkinson’s,” said a fourth.

A fifth penned the following: “He’s a diabetic who needs to eat a lot of carbohydrates. When my mother’s blood sugar drops, she experiences this.”

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