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What Is Wrong with Walter Jr: A Psychiatrist Examines Outraged Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad

What Is Wrong with Walter Jr: A Psychiatrist Examines Outraged Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad
Flynn, a fictitious character in the crime drama series Breaking Bad, is Walter Hartwell White Jr. Walt Jr., portrayed by RJ Mitte, and is the child of the main character Walter White and his wife Skyler. He wears crutches because his cerebral palsy causes him to have trouble speaking and with his motor function. Holly White is his younger sister.
One of the most watched and acclaimed television programs ever produced, Breaking Bad is still going strong over eight years after its series finale aired in 2013. Breaking Bad told an epic crime saga of corruption, desperation, betrayal, and finally redemption over the course of five seasons.
When Walter White’s meth empire reached unfathomable heights in the show’s final season, all of the plot lines and themes came together, only for Walt’s criminal and personal life to fall apart in the final few episodes.

How Did Walt’s Family’s Life Change?

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At first glance, the final episodes of Breaking Bad only appear to have a negative impact on Walt’s family members’ life. Along with living in a miserable condo with her son and unborn daughter, Walt’s wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) also has all of her assets taken and is constantly being watched by the DEA.
After her husband, Hank (Dean Norris), was killed by Walt’s former gang members in the iconic Ozymandias episode, Marie (Betsy Brandt), a widow at the end of the series, is essentially cut off from the rest of her family. Walt Jr. (R.J. Mitte), who is grieving the loss of his Uncle Hank, has also had his perception of his family completely shattered after finding out about Walt’s illicit activities.
what is wrong with walter jr
Now, Walt does manage to leave some money to Skyler and Walt Jr. before he passes away, which will help to pay for Walt Jr.’s education and, ideally, provide money for the family he leaves behind to have a better life overall. He also tells Skyler where Hank’s body is located in the desert in the hopes that she will use it as a bargaining chip to escape the DEA’s control.
Nevertheless, it’s probably still true to claim that Skyler, Walt Jr., and Marie would have preferred to remain in their relatively uncomplicated and tranquil suburban lifestyles from the beginning of the series rather than experience the horrors and uncertainties brought on by Walt’s tenure as Heisenberg.
One Redditor, however, disagrees, contending that Walt’s family are, at least in some ways, better off as a result of the events of the Breaking Bad season finale.

Future Plans for Walt’s Family

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In contrast to the little-read short stories she’d write and the meager profits she was making from selling on eBay at the start of the series, Reddit user gigantic pet predicts that Skyler will probably be able to sell a memoir of her experiences as Walt’s wife for quite a bit of money in the future.
Additionally, Walt Jr. now exclusively goes by the moniker Flynn, and overall, he appears much more self-sufficient and competent by the end of the series than he did in the pilot. Not only that, but he and Skyler each have a large sum of Walt’s money still coming their way.
what is wrong with walter jr
The user contends that the White family won’t have to put up with any more of Hank’s offensive jokes or chats despite the tragedy of his passing. Although he may have occasionally been irritable, Hank’s death will undoubtedly continue to weigh heavily on the entire family and may also cause a split in Skyler and Marie’s relationship that will likely never mend.
Therefore, even while Skyler and Walt Jr. may have a bright financial future and may have matured significantly throughout the course of the series, the effects of their experiences in Breaking Bad will undoubtedly continue to weigh on them and many others in the years to come. Overall, it’s difficult to conclude that Walt’s family had a better situation by the end of the show.