what is wrong with wendy williams

What Is Wrong with Wendy Williams? Her Health and Illness Update!

Wendy Williams Hunter (born July 18, 1964) is a writer and broadcaster in the United States. She hosted the nationally syndicated television talk show The Wendy Williams Show from 2008 to 2022.

Prior to television, Williams worked as a radio DJ and host, earning a reputation as a shock jock in New York. She was the focus of the 2006 VH1 reality television series The Wendy Williams Experience, which televised events surrounding her radio show and earned attention for her on-air spats with celebrities.

Authoring multiple books, appearing in several films and television shows, touring her comedy show[2][3], and creating her own product lines, including a fashion line, a jewellery collection, and a wig line, are among Williams’ other activities. In 2009, Williams was honoured by the National Radio Hall of Fame. Wendy Williams Way was renamed Wendy Williams Way by the city council of Asbury Park, New Jersey, on her 50th birthday.

What Is Wrong with Wendy Williams?

what is wrong with wendy williams

Wendy Has a Track Record of Taking Time from Work to Deal with Personal Matters. Wendy Took a Six-Week Leave of Absence After a Flu Scare in February 2018 and Later for Graves-Related Reasons; Then, in January 2019, She Took a Six-Week Leave of Absence After a Shoulder Fracture. She Took Another Graves Hiatus in May 2020, Then Returned in September that Year, only To Take Another Hiatus when The Next Season Debuted in Fall 2021.

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Her Final Appearance on The Show Was in July 2021.

what is wrong with wendy williams

Wendy has already spoken up about her Graves’ disease (an autoimmune condition that targets the thyroid) and hyperthyroidism diagnoses, chatting with People magazine about it all in 2018 after one of her hosting hiatuses.

“I’m in a much better place than I was a few months ago.” Wendy told the magazine at the time, “I had a storm raging in my body, is the best way I can express it,” disclosing that she had been diagnosed 19 years previously. “It stemmed from my failure to keep my six-month endocrinology visit,” she explained. Graves’ illness and hyperthyroidism are both present in my case. You don’t have to have one to have the other, but I have both, and I’ve had both since I was 19 years old.”

Wendy’s Health Isn’t Said to Have Improved Over Time.

what is wrong with wendy williams

Wendy is still on an indefinite break from her hosting duties, so it looks that time hasn’t done anything to aid her recovery. It’s because a lot of the recent allegations concerning the host’s terrible health state were genuine, according to a source who spoke to Page Six in January 2022.

The truth is that many of the Wendy stories you’ve heard are accurate, and they’re coming straight from the employees “The newspaper was informed by a source. Wendy, who had previously been at a sober living facility in Long Island City, New York, had obviously been drinking, they added.

“It’s one thing to watch what we’ve seen in the studio, but it’s quite another when certain members of the team visit her at home… When the cameras and microphones are turned off, the alcohol is released “According to the source.

Wendy, according to sources, is unable to dress herself and does not always recognise her pals.
Wendy’s medical condition was so terrible, according to The Sun, that she wasn’t “functioning like she used to.” She also has “days where she requires help eating, getting out of bed, and getting dressed,” they said. According to the site, Wendy was having problems recognizing certain long-time friends.

“The surviving employees converse between themselves. However, many of the stories circulating have some truth to them. Many of the employees have already departed, so [those who remain] do not believe they are still devoted to Wendy. What is it for?… It’s whatever because she’s not getting better and she’s not coming back. They wish her well, but these are difficult times, and people need to earn a living.”

Wendy’s representatives spoke to the site at the time about the latest rumours about her health. The specifics were deemed “inaccurate,” and reports that she would be leaving The Wendy Williams Show for good were dismissed as “speculation.”

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‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Is No Longer on The Air.

what is wrong with wendy williams

Due to Wendy’s declining health, which prevented her from hosting her talk show, it was revealed in February 2022 that The Wendy Williams Show would be terminated and would conclude at the end of the current season in June 2022.

Sherri Shepherd, an actress and comedian, announced to fans that she will take over Wendy’s time slot in September 2022 with her own talk show, Sherri. While guest-hosting Wendy’s, Sherri introduced her programme and stated that she would return once a month to guest-host till Wendy’s show finished this summer.

Wendy provided a video update on Instagram before the announcement was made public, stating she was looking forward to returning to New York and presenting the programme after her holiday in Florida. Unfortunately, the show’s cancellation was confirmed only a few days later.

Wendy Williams says she’s ready to return to work despite her health worries.
Wendy hasn’t talked much about her ongoing health issues since The Wendy Williams Show was officially terminated. She did, however, provide ABC News host TJ Holmes an update on her status. Wendy said she’s doing “extremely well” and has the “mind and physique of a 25-year-old” throughout their talk. She also mentioned that she might be able to return to her programme in “approximately three months.”

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Wendy Promised Her Followers, “keep Watching Because I’ll Be Back on The Wendy Show Larger and Brighter than Ever.”

Wendy and TJ spoke after she had a public spat with her bank, Wells Fargo. She claimed she was unable to pay her expenses, including her mortgage and employee payroll, after the institution froze her assets and filed a conservatorship on her behalf. The TV star also stated that she did not believe the hold was necessary and that she is competent of managing her cash.

Wendy explained, “They say I need someone to handle my account.” “And that’s something I don’t want.” I’d like all of my money. I’d like to see all of the money I’ve earned over the course of my life. It’s been my entire life. I’m not a liar, a cheater, or a stealer. “I am a trustworthy, hardworking individual.”