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What’s Wrong With Romesh Ranganathan’s Eye? His Health And Illness Update!

Jonathan Romesh Ranganathan is a comedian and actor from England. He is recognised for his deadpan, self-deprecating humor.

Ranganathan has been on various television comedy panel shows, and in 2016, he co-hosted the ITV show It’s Not Rocket Science with Rachel Riley and Ben Miller.

He’s also been on The Apprentice: You’re Fired!, Play to the Whistle, and The Museum of Curiosity as a panelist.

In 2016, he finished his first major tour, Irrational Live, which took him to large venues such as the Hammersmith Apollo. Ranganathan took over as a regular panelist on A League of Their Own in 2018, replacing Jack Whitehall.

He has hosted Judge Romesh and The Ranganation, as well as acted in The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, a travel show. Straight Outta Crawley is his autobiography. Ranganathan took over as presenter of The Weakest Link revival from Anne Robinson in December 2021.

Ranganathan received the BAFTA TV Award for Best Features in 2020 for The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, and the BAFTA TV Award for Best Entertainment Performance in 2021 for The Ranganation.

What’s Wrong With Romesh Ranganathan’s Eye?

what is wrong with romesh eye

Right-sided ptosis is an eye ailment that affects British comedian Romesh Ranganathan. The disorders caused his upper eyelid to droop.

He had a terrible infection as a toddler that permanently altered his vision. It was dubbed a Lazy eye by him.

Most people are unaware that his eyeball carries no weight. Only a portion of his cornea is obscured by his eyelid.

When his father was convicted of fraud, disaster struck his happy household.

They talked about his father’s incarceration and how it affected him.

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What Is Ptosis and What Causes It?

what is wrong with romesh eye

Ptosis is a drooping or dropping of the upper eyelid, commonly known as blepharoptosis When the individual’s muscles are weary, the drooping may be worse.

This disorder is occasionally referred to as “lazy eye,” however that phrase usually refers to amblyopia. If left untreated, a drooping eyelid might lead to amblyopia or astigmatism.

This is why it’s critical to address this problem in children when they’re young, before it affects their eyesight development.

The word ‘fall’ comes from Greek and means ‘to fall.’

Ptosis in Adults is a condition that affects people of all ages.

what is wrong with romesh eye

When the levator muscle expands or separates from the eyelid, adults experience ptosis (also known as involutional or acquired ptosis). Aging or an eye injury might cause this. Ptosis can occur as a result of some types of eye surgery. Ptosis is caused by disorders or tumours that affect the eyelid muscle.

In order to propose treatment, your ophthalmologist will first determine the reason of your ptosis. They will perform a thorough eye examination and may request blood tests and imaging studies. The ophthalmologist will almost certainly prescribe surgery to improve the eyelid muscle’s function.

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Adult Ptosis Medication

For some adults with acquired ptosis, a new prescription eye drop is now available. Oxymetazoline is a drug that targets the muscle that lifts the eyelid. The eyelid opens widely in some patients with acquired ptosis after using the drops. To maintain working, it must be used on a daily basis.

Certain types of drooping eyelids, such as those caused by injury or nerve disorders, do not respond to oxymetazoline. So check with your ophthalmologist to see if it’s right for you.

Surgery for Adult Ptosis

what is wrong with romesh eye

Ptosis surgery is typically performed as an outpatient treatment, which means you can return home the same day. Your eye and the surrounding area will be numbed using a local anaesthetic.

The surgeon may just need to make a minor tweak to the lifting muscle of the lid. The levator muscle may need to be tightened and reattached to the eyelid for more severe ptosis.

Ptosis correction, like any type of surgery, has risks and problems. These issues will be discussed with you by your ophthalmologist.

Make careful to tell your ophthalmologist about all of your medications before undergoing eyelid surgery. All prescription and over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements should be included. If you use aspirin (or aspirin-containing medicines), blood thinners, or have a bleeding problem, your eye surgeon needs to know.

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In 2015, Ranganathan performed at the British Summer Time festival. In March of 2014, Ranganathan began hosting Newsjack on Radio 4 Extra. In 2014, he appeared on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice, when he demonstrated how to make vegan chocolate brownies from scratch.

Ranganathan has appeared on multiple episodes of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown as a guest.

Would I Lie to You?, Holby City, Soccer AM, Russell Howard’s Good News, Sweat the Small Stuff, The Last Leg, Virtually Famous, Have I Got News for You, QI, and Mock the Week are among his other appearances. He appeared in the third episode of Jon Richardson Grows Up and was a contestant on the first season of Taskmaster.

In 2015, he again performed at The Royal Variety Performance. In 2015, he hosted the BBC Three series Asian Provocateur, in which he travelled to Sri Lanka to learn more about his ancestors’ homeland.

In 2018, Ranganathan joined Season 13 of A League of Their Own;[21] he also participated in Just Another Immigrant, a 10-episode docu-comedy that debuted on Showtime on June 8.

Straight Outta Crawley, Ranganathan’s autobiography, was published in 2018.


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