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When did Will Smith smack Chris Rock

After Chris Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith stormed the stage and slapped him in the face, shocking the audience.

On the night of the Academy Awards, Rock was on hand to deliver the prize for best documentary to Michael Moore. When it came to Pinkett Smith, he called her “G.I. Jane” because of her short, close-cropped hair, and then went on to make a few jokes about the rest of the audience. The alopecia sufferer (Pinkett Smith has spoken in the past about her struggle) Smith walked onto the stage shortly after Rock finished his joke and slapped him in the face. To which the man yelled, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!”

Initially, it was hard to tell if the assault was a prank or something that had been premeditated. As Rock exclaimed, “Will Smith just smacked the s—t out of me,” the show’s audio was muffled, and it stayed that way as Smith walked away. While Rock was onstage, Smith yelled from his chair and the audience gasped.

Rock said, “Wow, buddy.” A “G.I. Jane” prank, he said.

Questlove, the director of Summer of Soul, was awarded the documentary prize by Rock when he presented it to him. A clip montage honoring the 50th anniversary of The Godfather was introduced by Sean “Diddy” Combs immediately following. This year’s Oscars were “the most exciting I’ve ever seen,” he stated. Chris and I are going to work together to find a solution as we’ve always done. However, for the time being, we’re just moving on in love.” Questlove refused to answer questions regarding the altercation in the press room. To avoid any further questions regarding the slap, reporters in the press room were also warned that they may no longer ask questions about other aspects of the show.

Denzel Washington and Jada Pinkett Smith knelt down together after the exchange, according to Vanity Fair’s Rebecca Ford, to have a private talk. During the commercial break, Tyler Perry joined Washington and Smith. After the assault, the Smiths, according to Ford, held hands in their seats for the rest of the show.

According to an Academy librarian, this was probably the first time in the history of the Academy Awards that there has been actual violence onstage. However, this was not the first time that Rock had poked fun at Pinkett Smith during the Oscars. Rock made light of Pinkett Smith’s refusal to attend the 2016 ceremony, which he hosted. ‘Boycotting the Oscars by Jada Pinkett Smith is like me boycotting Rihanna’s pants,’ Rock stated at the time. Not my cup of tea: “I was not invited.”

However, this wasn’t the first time that Rock and Smith had run into each other during the Oscar race. Paul Thomas Anderson received an award from Rock at the National Board of Review Gala in mid-March. The actor did, however, take a few seconds to compliment Smith on his portrayal in King Richard, which was also an Oscar winner that night. As Rock gushed about the acting of Will Smith’s character, “Goddammit,” he exclaimed.

After the event, Rock downplayed his altercation with Smith at the Oscars. Per Anthony Breznican, a witness claimed to have heard Rock remark to the Oscar-nominated documentary about Muhammad Ali starring Will Smith. On that occasion, Muhammad Ali didn’t even leave a mark on Rock, according to reports.

In order to accept the best actor award for his portrayal in King Richard, Smith was present at this year’s Oscars. On Sunday night, the actor, who had been widely predicted to win, did so. A man known as “a ferocious defender of his family” was also mentioned in Smith’s speech, which was laced with tears.

In order to perform what he and his colleagues do, they must be able to endure abuse, and he admitted as much. “You’ve got to be able to grin and pretend that you’re fine with people treating you disrespectfully,” he says. … Just as they described, I appear to be the insane father… Loving someone might cause you to do strange things.”

He apologized to the Academy and his fellow nominees at the end of his speech. For his part, Smith expressed his hope that the Academy would call him back.

In between commercials, co-host Amy Schumer cracked a joke about Smith and Rock. The Spider-Man suit has been taking a toll on me lately. She questioned, “Did I miss anything?” as the audience, including Smith, chuckled. “This place has a completely different energy to it.” It’s probably not going to happen. Whatever the case, I guess—okay.”


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