Home Entertainment Where Can I Watch Jackass Forever On Amazon Prime or Paramount Plus?

Where Can I Watch Jackass Forever On Amazon Prime or Paramount Plus?

Where Can I Watch Jackass Forever On Amazon Prime or Paramount Plus?

Jackass Forever” fans should rest easy knowing that the wait for home video release is much less than the first delay it faced in theatres. The latest “Jackass” picture, featuring Johnny Knoxville and the crew, was finally released to theatres in the first frigid days of February and is now available for home viewing just in time for spring. “Jackass Forever,” a follow-up to 2010’s “Jackass 3D,” was eagerly anticipated by fans who had waited more than a decade for its release. The premiere of the film was postponed four times because of the epidemic before it ultimately screened on February 2, 2022, at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Since the first episode of the show aired in 2000, followed shortly after the series’ conclusion by the publication of “Jackass: The Movie,” many things have changed among the titular Jackasses. Following another decade of films, the group finds itself “older but not wiser,” continuing their previous shenanigans (many of which involved genitals and blunt-force damage) while also finding the energy to bring on new actors and come up with innovative pranks. However, “Jackass Forever” also pays tribute to the gang’s old ways, with some of their dirty antics serving as homages to the work they pioneered as a group of vulgar young boys, with their enthusiasm for homoerotic sadomasochism no worse for wear along the way.

In order to organize a night of laugh-out-loud antics with your friends, it appears that you should start thinking about it now — and maybe even purchase a cup in advance, just in case.

Jackass Forever on Streaming

Where Can I Watch Jackass Forever

On March 22nd, 2022, “Jackass Forever” will be available on Paramount+ for streaming. The streamer stated late Monday night that the most recent “Jackass” episode was accessible on their service, for all your replay requirements. This is great news. Here’s the video for the announcement.

Jackass Forever Digital Release Date

By the 29th of March 2022, fans will be able to download “Jackass Forever” from the iTunes store. A “buttload” of stunts not seen in the film’s theatrical release is included in the digital edition, adding up to around 40 minutes of additional footage. Another option is to buy all four main “Jackass” movies in one convenient digital package, which will be available for a discounted price. These films include “The Movie,” “The Second,” “3D,” and “Forever” from the series.

Jackass Forever DVD & Blu-ray Release Date

To own this (literally) seminal piece of media physically, you’ll have to wait (but not too long!) until April 19, when the film gets its official Blu-ray and DVD release from Paramount Home Entertainment. To be clear, the digital version also includes an additional 40 minutes of a bonus video that promises the following intriguingly named stunts, but exclusively on Blu-ray.