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Who Is Deepti Dating Now? A Look Into The Season 2 Finale Of ‘Love Is Blind’!

This dating reality show “Love Is Blind” had already made its way onto Netflix when it debuted on February 11th, 2022. On February 25th, the season came to an end! Kinetic Content and Chris Coelen are behind the project. Love Is Blind’s structure follows 30 men and women on a journey to find love, but they don’t see each other at all until they eventually do! It is the goal of this reality dating series to see if people can truly fall in love with a person if they disregard their physical beauty and other exterior characteristics. It’s up to the makers to discover whether or not love is truly blind!

In order to win, the hopefuls must mingle with other singles who are looking for a relationship. In Pods, they can only hear each other’s voices by listening to the one on the other side of the wall. Rather than relying solely on outward appearances, the show’s producers hope that the competitors would develop a genuine connection with their potential partners. We then inquire as to their willingness to get engaged. Although they aren’t allowed to see each other, it’s interesting. Finally, when the partners have decided, they are shown to each other face-to-face! Then, at the altar on their wedding day, the couple must decide whether or not they want to take their relationship to the next level or break up!

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Deepti and her chosen companion were together until the end of the competition, despite all the obstacles that had paved their road. It’s hard to say what happened next. It remains to be seen if they’ve defined their relationship by getting married or whether they’ve called it quits because of their divergent perspectives and viewpoints on the show. Who is Deepti seeing right now?

Who is Deepti dating now?

Who Is Deepti Dating Now

Love Is Blind’s” second season coupled Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee with Deepti Vempati, an Information Data Analyst. Both of them are descended from Indians. Even more shocking was the fact that they had always partnered with white people before to this, which they revealed to each other during their pod chats. That’s the only thing they had in common, right? In addition, it was clear from the beginning of the season that Deepti and her chosen spouse were extremely different people. However, they had still made it to the end of the competition!


Deepti Vempati, on the other hand, had the fortitude to say no to the marriage on that day! Though she was spotted crying while talking to her family, Deepti remained confident in what she was doing! In light of this, many of her admirers now believe that she made the right choice in not saying “I Do!” As a result of this, Deepti is currently unattached. But what was the major reason she made this heart-wrenching decision even after reaching the conclusion, and why do the fans believe she did the right thing? Let’s find out together!

What was the impetus behind Deepti’s audacious move? Was he satisfied with the outcome?

Their so-called unaccepted separation was mostly due to their divergent views on how this dating reality show works. One hand, Deepti’s journey was proceeding as planned, while Shake was attempting to discover clues regarding the other person’s physical appearances. Like when he asked Deepti if he could pull her up! Additionally, Deepti learned from the other cast members that he had gossiped about them with others and stated that he was unhappy with their physical intimacy. Deepti was also known as his aunt by him.

In the end, her fans felt she did the right thing because Shake seemed content even after she rejected her proposal. He was having a great time with his co-stars! While it may have been to cover his sad heart, the fans believe that he gossiped about their divorce with the other cast members in an unethical manner!


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