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Who is Evan Rachel Wood Dating? Check Her Dating History

Evan Rachel Wood is one of Hollywood’s most prominent actresses. A skilled actor, she has a heart and a sense of humor; she even had a role in the teen dramedy “Mean Girls,” which changed the way we think about teen movies. Even though she’s a household name, people sometimes mistake her for another well-known celebrity, Rachel Brosnahan. While this may be the case, Wood has demonstrated her worth on several occasions. As Iduna, the mother of Anna and Elsa, she may be heard in the sequel to the animated film “Frozen II” (via IMDb).

It appears that Wood has been working in the industry since at least 1994, when she appeared in the 1994 TV movie “In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride, and Madness.” That was a long time ago now, but she has since gone on to have a great acting career in both television and cinema. Writer Wood is best recognized for her work in Westworld, where she played Dolores Abernathy

While Wood has never needed a partner to help her achieve success, it doesn’t mean she’s not enjoyed herself along the way.

Who is Evan Rachel Wood Dating

It’s not the first time that Evan Rachel Wood, 33, has been engaged.

After splitting from her husband in 2012, she revealed that she was bisexual on Twitter.

At an LGBT event, Evan revealed specifics about her sexual orientation, including the fact that she’d been attracted to the same sex since she was 12 years old.

She remarked: “Women had always attracted me. Fortunately, this is how I was born, so I’ve never given it a second thought or feared it in the least.”

Additionally, “I also found male beauty attractive,” I wrote.

She hasn’t spoken publicly about her love life since her engagement to bandmate Zach Villa, of Rebel and a Basketcase, ended in 2017.

She hasn’t been seen by anyone in a while.

Who has Evan Rachel Wood dated?

Her son, Jack Matfin Bell, was born in 2013, during her previous marriage to British actor Jamie Bell.

When Evan and Jamie met at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005, they immediately hit it off.

Prior to their breakup, they dated for a year and she went on to date gothic rocker Marilyn Manson.
Despite announcing their engagement in 2010, Evan and Marilyn broke up just seven months into their relationship.

In 2012, she reconnected with her ex-husband Jamie and the two married.

After two years of marriage, they split up.

Evan later dated Katherine Moennig, the actress from “The L Word,” and the two were photographed kissing at the Hammer Museum’s annual Gala in the Garden in 2014 in Los Angeles.

Evan Rachel Wood Dating History

Evan Rachel Wood Dating History

Was she going to be single again? Although according to Who’s Dated Who he’s unmarried as of 2019, Wood has had serious relationships with both men and women in the past. While dating actor Jamie Bell (with whom she shares a sun) since 2005, she was engaged to actor Zach Villa and singer-songwriter Marilyn Manson, whom she married in 2012.

While she has been engaged and married numerous times, Wood has also been linked to Katherine Moennig in 2014, Ed Norton in 2004, and Shane West in 2009. Those Who Have Dated It’s also worth noting that during the time between 2009 and 2010, she was romantically linked to both Alexander Skarsgard and adult film star Carli Banks, however, the exact dates of both relationships are unknown.



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