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Who is Josie Canseco Dating Now, Her Boyfriends Over The Years

For her profession as a model, Josie Canseco is well-known, but no one knows who she’s now dating because she’s close to so many men. Even though her love life is well documented in the media, it’s tough for folks to figure out who her current partner is. It’s important to note that Josie Canseco’s real name is Princess Jessica and she was born on November 5, 1996, in Weston, Florida. In 2021, Josie Canseco will be 24 years old. He also has a basketball player father, Jose Canseco. Her mother is Jessica Canseco. She’s also a model and actress in addition to all of that.

She is a full-time actress, model, and social media star from Weston, Florida, where she was born and raised. In addition, she is one of the fastest rising models in the United States. Josie has appeared in some of the most popular fashion publications. It was because of him that his mother became a model.

In addition, she’s a male model. Jessica, Jessica’s mother, was crowned Miss September 2005. But her real name is Josephine Marie Canseco, and she was born in Puerto Rico. “Mother / Daughter: Experiment: Celebrity Edition 2016” invited her and her mother to participate.

The 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debuted Josie Canseco. As a result, Josie Canseco’s name is becoming more and more familiar to the general population.

Josie Canseco Dating

Josie Canseco Dating

Josie has been romantically linked to a number of high-profile men, including Brody Jenner of the Kardashian clan and Logan Paul.

After meeting at an event on August 13, 2019, Brody Jenner and Josie Canseco began their romance. Model Josie Canseco hails from the sunny state of Florida in the USA. He is also a model for Sherri Hill, a well-known designer, and frequently appears in adult magazines.

It appears that Logan Paul’s recent public romance with her has been put on hold due to some confusion between the two. They were working on their relationship at the time. Josie’s goal in modeling is to reach the pinnacle of the industry. It has been signed by Model Management Next. He was signed to a lucrative deal due of his impressive physique.

Now, in May of 2021, some new sparks are sputtering in terms of probable hookups. So, if you’re wondering, “Who is Josie Canseco dating?” the answer is probably obvious. Bryce Hall, the young heartthrob TikTok star, is most likely to blame for this.

It just so happens that Bryce is Addison Rae’s ex-boyfriend and a longtime content creator. He is frequently photographed having a good time with friends, including Josie Canseco. Is this a true relationship?

Josie Canseco Dating Histroy

The attractive beauty connects with other celebrities. In truth, she had seen the lovely young model Lucky Blue Smith. The paparazzi catch a glimpse of a romantic relationship between the two of them. He vehemently refused them. Later, she was supposedly dating Justin Bieber and Michael Francis Sander.

His Instagram profile is a tremendous testimonial to his girlfriend list. Meanwhile, Josie appears on “This is Mike Stud”. Her love relationship started with Mike Stud (Musician) (Musician).

Mike remarked that Josie was a good girl and he didn’t cheat on him. They both joyfully concluded their relationship. They spend precious time with one another. Apart from that, she has also appeared in several of Mike’s music videos. Currently, Josie Canseco and Mike are no longer together.

American actor Brody Jenner was once observed walking with famed beauty Josie Canseco. Previously, the two had been rumored to have a romantic relationship, however, it was denied. However, it seems that the speculations regarding the relationship that exists between the 35-year-old guy and 22-year-old are truly going on.

The reason is that in many images circulating, this stepbrother of Kylie Jenner and Josie Canseco looked relaxed while walking and making out together in public locations. In fact, both of them looked joyful when they were seen strolling together.

The connection between Josie Canseco and Brody Jenner itself has been since Brody separated from Kaitlynn Carter for a week. Of course, Brody’s break with Kaitlynn Carter and his closeness to Josie Canseco is in the public limelight.

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