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What Is Wrong with Britney Spears Voice? The Argument that She Was Compelled to Speak in A Baby Voice

What Is Wrong with Britney Spears Voice? The Argument that She Was Compelled to Speak in A Baby Voice

Like many other long-time Britney fans, we’ve watched innumerable interviews with the pop icon, from her endearing chat with Rosie O’Donnell in 1999 to her TBF chat about her album “In The Zone” in 2003. At the time, Britney’s speaking voice wasn’t particularly noteworthy; rather, the pop star merely sounded like a young adult with a little southern accent. Today, however, it sounds very different.

Britney’s speaking voice appears to have seen a significant change in pitch and nasal quality over the past 20 years. Many people also wonder why she no longer has her distinctive Southern accent, which used to be very noticeable. To see what we mean, take a look at a few samples from her Instagram, which are shown below.

Trauma Can Add to The Mix and Change Behaviors.

what is wrong with britney spears voice

The National Institute of Health states that the voice can alter naturally as a result of the larynx’s (or voice box’s) muscles weakening with age and can also change as a defence mechanism in response to life’s stresses. This is a result of the body’s fight-or-flight reaction when we experience an internal or external threat to our sense of self or wellness, according to clinical psychologist Michelle Solomon, PsyD.

There is no one approach that works for everyone when it comes to processing difficult emotions, Solomon tells Her Campus. Some people become withdrawn, some detach, and some exhibit impulsivity. When trauma is added to a challenging setting, behaviours can change for anyone.

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Our Capacity to Communicate and Speak Authentically Is Housed in The Throat.

what is wrong with britney spears voice

The body clearly reacts to psychological stress, according to Stephanie Simpson, a performing artist with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University and a performance coach. She claims that “our bodies literally go into a stress cycle.”

“A surge in cortisol releases all the catabolic chemicals, and that affects people differently. Our capacity to talk and communicate honestly resides in the throat. Therefore, it can be hindered if we feel that we aren’t being heard, seen for who we are, or valued for who we are. The throat often becomes constricted when it becomes obstructed.

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Simpson remembers having voice constriction firsthand when she was a small child, and she has subsequently realised that it might have been caused by the trauma she experienced. She experienced a change in her physical voice during the time, as well as in her capacity to perform under pressure and was also diagnosed with mono and strep throat four times.

When she would practise for a performance, she would sound fantastic with her voice teacher or at home, but when it came time for an audition, “my voice wouldn’t quite be the same,” she says.

Today, Simpson combines psychological and mind-body methods to assist clients in overcoming life’s difficulties, such as practising for a stage performance or, as in the instance of Ms Spears, surviving a horrible experience and publicly discussing it.

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A Strong Vessel for Communicating Emotions Can Be Found in The Voice.

what is wrong with britney spears voice

A vocal change is usual for Spears, a public figure experiencing a challenging life change. A study published in the academic journal Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, which focuses on speech, language, and voice pathology, found that women are almost twice as likely as males to report having a vocal health issue.

According to research, using one’s voice improperly or speaking for extended periods of time in a “false” voice, as Spears has done for years, can also be physiologically harmful. Feelings of attachment, humiliation, and emotional maltreatment can all be associated with vocal intensity, according to a 2016 National Library of Medicine study of 51 singers; these concepts are all evident in Spears’ testimony.

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The human voice reportedly contains a plethora of information about a person’s physical and emotional states, personality, and even history of traumatic experiences, according to a 2019 University of Pittsburgh study involving 29 women.

However, there are several potential causes for Spears’ vocal alteration, ranging from age to voice health, psychological discomfort, and trauma. Fans and professionals have remarked on the significance of Spears’ tone throughout her moving testimony as evidence that the voice can be a potent tool for conveying emotions.