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What Is Wrong with David Arquette: How David Arquette Overcame Alcoholism, a Heart Attack

What Is Wrong with David Arquette: How David Arquette Overcame Alcoholism, a Heart Attack
His career has stagnated over the past ten years despite being hailed as one of the bright young things on the front cover of Vanity Fair in 1996 alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey. David discloses in an exclusive interview with The Sun to twice entering rehab and receiving extreme ketamine therapy to cure his terrible anxiety.
David was made fun of when he attempted to become a wrestler in 2000, and Courteney left him ten years ago because she couldn’t handle his drinking. However, he is currently working on the fifth Scream movie with his ex-wife and has stopped drinking.
A near-death experience is what caused his life to change for the better.

“I Believe I Am Dying,”

what is wrong with david arquette

The 49-year-old American confesses that he had a heart attack a few years ago while undergoing a stress test at the hospital. David admits: “I started seizing up. My grandfather and father both passed away from cardiac conditions. When I said, “I think I’m dying,” the doctor picked up the phone.
“At last, I had the nitroglycerin, and the two stents were implanted. It was very terrifying. With such a significant heart condition, the majority of individuals would relax.
However, David informed his second wife Christina McLarty after surgery that he desired to return to the wrestling arena. When he emerged from the procedure to insert his two stents, he grinned and said to his wife, “I have been thinking a lot about wrestling.” I was sincere.
David made the decision to try the sport again despite physicians’ advice that it wouldn’t be a good idea to have large men jump from the ropes onto his body.

Fatal Match Accident that Put Lives at Danger

He had been awarded the heavyweight champion of the World Championship Wrestling in 2000 in what was widely regarded as a poorly planned ruse. Cameras follow David Arquette as he attempts to persuade wrestling fans that he is the genuine deal in a new documentary titled You Cannot Kill David Arquette.
He most certainly did that in 2018, when David had to be taken to the hospital right after a light tube that crashed onto his neck during a “deathmatch” narrowly missed striking a major artery by an inch.
Fans who had previously despised Arquette for being Mr. Hollywood now looked up to him.
David recalls, “Even though it almost cost me my life, it encapsulated what I was looking for. As I went in, they loathed me, and as I came out, they cheered me.”

Violence in The Past

what is wrong with david arquette

The brutally honest film, which hits theatres on November 23, also looks at the challenging moments he’s gone through.
He began drinking and using drugs when he was a young child. Lewis and Brenda “Mardi” Arquette were problematic and jobbing actors.
David, who is best known for The Waltons, imitated his bad behavior by stealing his marijuana when he was just eight years old.

What’s Worse Is that Their Mother Brenda Physically Abused His Sisters.

Rosanna, who starred in Desperately Seeking Susan, was stabbed in the arm by Brenda, and Patricia, best known for True Romance, was suffocated. He was trying to deal with his mental health difficulties when he brought up his parents’ troubled marriage.
According to David, during one therapy session, he discussed how difficult his parents’ marriage was for them. Then I realized that both of my parents had passed away and that I was carrying around all of this sadness.

$150 million box office smash

what is wrong with david arquette

In 1992, the actor starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which led to even bigger success with Scream four years later. With its self-referential humor, it revitalized horror cinema and made £150 million at the box office.
Co-star Courteney, 56, who played the badass reporter Gale, and David, who played the heroic cop Dewey, fell in love and were married in 1999. They have a daughter named Coco.

His Mother Mistreated Him.

The Arquette kids had to deal with more than just a dangerous neighborhood and a bohemian way of life while they were growing up. Their father battled drinking while being heavily involved in his profession. David’s older siblings were the targets of his mother’s physical abuse, which his sisters discussed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Patricia Arquette, the family’s middle child, claimed that she once choked her to the point that it caused her to start blacking out. Rosanna, their eldest sister, may have witnessed the worst of the abuse. “She used a knife to stab me in the arm. Concussions. Just awful, awful physical assault.”
David Arquette struggled to get along with his parents, especially his mother. According to him, his mother “was one of the kindest, sweet, and heavenly individuals, yet she was violent to us.” Despite the challenges of his upbringing, he maintained a close relationship with both of his parents.
Having a genuine love for performing as a family undoubtedly contributed to the bond, but from what he could gather, the elder Arquettes also dedicated their entire lives to improvement. He explained to Winfrey that the “wonderful part about that sad background is that my parents mended themselves throughout their life.” “My father quit drinking. My mother trained as a marital and family therapist.”