Home Celebrities What Is Wrong with Selma Blair? Why It Took so Long to Diagnose Her with Multiple Sclerosis

What Is Wrong with Selma Blair? Why It Took so Long to Diagnose Her with Multiple Sclerosis

What Is Wrong with Selma Blair? Why It Took so Long to Diagnose Her with Multiple Sclerosis

In the new documentary “Introducing, Selma Blair,” actress Selma Blair opened out about her experience living with multiple sclerosis (MS). The 49-year-old was given the diagnosis in 2018, and the movie details her battles with the condition as well as the medications she has done to try to prevent its growth.

Blair had MS symptoms for years prior to receiving a diagnosis, just like the 1 million Americans who have the disease. There are several typical indications you should be aware of if you’re worried you might be one of them.

What is lupus multiplex?

what is wrong with selma blair

MS affects the central nervous system and is an inflammatory condition. It is thought to be an autoimmune disease, which means that it makes the immune system of the body mistakenly attack healthy tissues, in this case, the neurological system.

It is a complex illness that can generate a variety of symptoms in its victims. Although MS can affect anybody, it is most frequently diagnosed in those between the ages of 20 and 40.

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What Are Some Typical Ms. Warning Signs?

what is wrong with selma blair

When Blair was appearing in a New York Fashion Week presentation in February 2018, she claimed she sensed something wasn’t right.

In an interview with Town & Country magazine, she recalled, “It was on that runway, with the exhilaration of walking in the show, that I abruptly lost feeling in my left leg.” However, I was on a runway and contemplating what to do.

Blair was given the MS diagnosis six months after a magnetic resonance imaging scan revealed lesions on her brain.

Discrete attacks, also known as relapses, are characterized by numbness or weakness in the legs, arms, or one side of the body. Patients frequently fully recover from these types of episodes, although results can vary greatly – some patients may experience many attacks in a year, while others may experience several years without relapsing. Visual loss in one eye, double vision, vertigo, and difficulty walking are further signs of recurrence.

Additionally, there are sometimes precursory symptoms that show up before the normal MS symptoms do; however, these symptoms can show up anywhere and are not unique to MS. These consist of:

what is wrong with selma blair

  • Fatigue
  • bladder and bowel problems
  • Depression

Although there is currently no test to diagnose MS before an MS attack, researchers are working hard to create diagnostics to diagnose MS early.

If you think you could be having an MS attack, consult your doctor right away about being referred to a neurologist.

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How Is Multiple Sclerosis Handled Medically?

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There are many treatments available if MS is identified, which can lessen your symptoms. Early therapy is essential for every disease.

Disease-modifying treatments (DMTs) are a class of drugs that have been shown to considerably lower relapse rates and enhance long-term prognosis. A growing body of research shows that effective DMTs used early in the course of the disease can minimize long-term impairment and the number of persons who acquire secondary progressive MS, a more difficult-to-treat form of the disease.

Additionally, your neurologist can prescribe particular medications to treat MS symptoms like fatigue, limb stiffness, pain, and urine problems.

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what is wrong with selma blair

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s research is also assisting in the development of novel therapies for MS sufferers. We’re researching novel cell therapies in the department of neurology that might help patients with MS or other neurological conditions regain function. A study is also being conducted to find out how aging impacts MS patients’ symptoms and level of disability.

Additionally, Ohio State has an MS Quality of Life clinic where each patient can receive a detailed assessment of their MS symptoms as well as a well-rounded treatment strategy. These plans involve a large multidisciplinary team of specialists, including urologists, sleep specialists, psychologists, cognitive specialists, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Regarding Blair, she declared in August 2021 that chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant had put her MS in remission. Blair underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow stem cell transplant, both of which are still considered to be very experimental treatments, and there are now active MS clinical trials. Most MS patients are neither appropriate nor safe for this treatment.