Home Technology Wii U Hacks: How To Play Games on The Wii U & Hack the Wii U

Wii U Hacks: How To Play Games on The Wii U & Hack the Wii U

Wii U Hacks: How To Play Games on The Wii U & Hack the Wii U
Many individuals are attempting to understand Wii U Homebrew. You are now in the proper location. How to run games on the Wii U and hack Wii U Homebrew is demonstrated in this MiniTool post.

Describe Wii U

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Wii U is a home video game console, just like PS4 and Xbox One are. Nintendo created it, and it was made available in 2012. It is the first Nintendo console with a brand-new touch screen controller and compatibility for up to 1080P high-definition output.
The console’s 2GB of RAM is less than what other consoles have. There are only two storage package options for the Wii U: the basic package, which includes 8GB of flash memory, and the deluxe package, which includes 32GB of flash memory. That is why so many people desire to use an external hard drive to increase Wii U storage.
Nintendo has declared that Wii U would be officially discontinued in 2017 due to a lackluster game lineup and scant third-party support. Many enthusiasts still play games on Wii U, though. You need to hack the Wii U and use a Homebrew application in order to play GameCube games on the Wii U seamlessly.

Why Make Homebrew?

Homebrew is a tool that enables Wii U hacks and other constrained hardware devices to be expanded. You need the Homebrew software to enable the GameCube hardware on Wii U because the GameCube disc and its attachments are incompatible with the Wii U.
This program also has a wealth of useful features like memory card emulation, customized games, and modified games. You can even play game backups from an external hard drive on Wii U with this Homebrew installed.
The Wii U hardware and homebrew software may now be familiar to you on a general level. More importantly, we’ll demonstrate how to run Wii U titles that have been homebrewed. Continue reading attentively.

Things to do to get ready for Wii U homebrew

Make sure you have the necessary hardware and tools before attempting to hack the Wii U. We’ll mention each one separately here as follows:


  • Window PC
  • The Newest Wii U Console (5.5.3 or Later)
  • A USB drive or external USB hard disc with at least 32GB of space on it


A homebrew SD card formatted for the Haxchi Wii U USB device

How to Use Homebrew to Hack the Wii U

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You need to first use Homebrew to hack Wii U in order to play games smoothly. Please read the following background carefully as this process is rather drawn out and complicated.

Setup Your Sd Card, First

As was already said, in order to install Homebrew and Haxchi, we need a FAT32 SD card. If your SD card is larger than 32GB, a professional formatter could be necessary. A reliable program called MiniTool Partition Wizard can make formatting SD cards simple.
Step 1: Use a card reader to attach the prepared SD card to your computer.
Step 2. Run the application to access the main screen. Next, choose the SD partition from the disc map by clicking on Format Partition in the left pane.
Step 3: From the File System drop-down menu, choose FAT32. Click OK to save your selections. The Partition Label can be changed to Homebrew here.

Step 4: To apply this formatting, click the Apply button.

Create 2 empty folders on the SD card and fill them with the Homebrew files in step 5 of the process. Here, you can give each of the folders for WiiU and Install their own names.
Step 6: Under the Install directory, create the HBC folder. Then, under the WiiU directory, create the applications folder. The WiiU/apps folder is where homebrew apps are saved, while the Install folder is where custom Homebrew Channels are installed.
The next steps to hack Wii U Homebrew can be taken after setting up an SD card.

2. Download the Wii U Homebrew Files You Need

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You must download and unzip a few zip files in order to use Wii U hacks. The following Wii U Homebrew-related files can be downloaded to your computer by opening a browser.
The JSTypeHax-Payload: the file is run when the browser exploit is activated.
The channel for Homebrew launchers The payload file loads it up. Downloading each of these.zip files is required.
Homebrew application store You will be able to download upcoming applications and games only from your Wii U.
After downloading all of these zip files, you must unzip them to get rid of the.zip files. The folder paths should then appear as follows:

3. Copy the Wii U Homebrew Files to Your Sd Card.

You must now move every downloaded Wii U homebrew file from your PC to your SD card. You can adhere to this basic advice:
Step 1: Ensure that the SD card is connected to your computer.
Step 2: Right-click the homebrew-launcher and AppStore folders on your computer and choose Copy. Right-click an empty space in the WiiU/apps directory by opening it on the SD card, and then choose Paste.
Choosing the payload. elf file, copy it to the WiiU folder in step three (not the apps folder inside it).
4. After selecting all of the contents of the homebrew launcher channel.v1.4 folder’s contents using the Ctrl + A keys, open the Install/HBC directory. The structure of all Wii U Homebrew hack files should then be as follows:
Now that the Homebrew Launcher has been launched, downloading games and apps for the Wii U are simpler. Continue with the remaining sections if all of the aforementioned files match your SD card.

Running Games on the Wii U

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The Wii U hack should be finished at this point. How can I make a Wii U game run? You can follow along with the entire guide in this part.
Install the Wii U USB assist in Step 1 on your Windows computer.
To download the Wii U USB assist to your PC, go here.
Run the installer after downloading it, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

Step 2: Utilize the Wii U USB Helper to download games.

1. Start by opening the Wii U USB assist and using the upper left corner to look for the games you wish to play.
2. Right-click the search result, choose Download Game(S), and then complete the instructions on the screen. You can copy the games onto the SD card after downloading them.

Step 3. Transfer the video games to your SD card.

1. While the Wii U USB Helper is active, place your SD card into the computer.
2. Press the bottom right corner’s Copy to SD button.
3. After choosing the game you wish to copy, click OK.
4. After you have made sure what you want to copy is what you want it to be, click Copy to SD and choose the drive letter of your SD card. The Helper will then begin copying the game files to your SD card using File Explorer.

Step 4. Install games onto the USB drive using the SD card.

You can download the games to a USB drive and then put it in your Wii U to play them while using an external device to play them. You can, of course, skip this step.

Put the SD card and USB drive in your Wii U and turn it on.
Your installed games will appear in the WUP Installer window. Click Install after choosing the game you wish to install.
To install the game, choose the USB. The WUP Installer will then start copying the game files after that. To install every game from the SD card, repeat this procedure. Exit the WUP Installer when finished. You can now access the games on your Wii U home screen and play them.