Home Entertainment Will Arnett Net Worth: A Real Time Update on Richer Life!

Will Arnett Net Worth: A Real Time Update on Richer Life!

Will Arnett Net Worth: A Real Time Update on Richer Life!

William Emerson Arnett, a Canadian-American actor, voice actor, comedian, and producer, was born on May 4, 1970. His most well-known performances include those of Gob Bluth in the Fox/Netflix series Arrested Development (2003–2006, 2013, 2018–2019), and BoJack Horseman, in which he plays the title role (2014–2020). Let’s Go To Prison (2006), Blades Of Glory (2007), Semi-Pro (2008), G-Force (2009), Jonah Hex (2010), and Show Dogs are just a few of the movies he has acted in (2018).

With his rich baritone voice, he has been cast as Batman in the Lego Movie series as well as in Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006), Ratatouille (2007), Monsters vs. Aliens (2009), Despicable Me (2010), The Nut Job (2014), Dolittle (2020), and Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022). He was nominated for numerous Primetime Emmy Awards for his work in Arrested Development and 30 Rock, and he received an Annie Award for his performance in BoJack Horseman.

Since Fox Network confirmed him as the host of their program LEGO Masters, which debuted on February 5, 2020, his affiliation with The LEGO Group has continued. He has been a co-host of the humorous podcast SmartLess since July 2020. He appeared in the six-part Netflix improv comedy series Murderville in 2022.

Early Years

will arnett net worth

In Toronto, Canada, Will Arnett was born in the year 1970. He attended Lakefield College School in Lakefield, Ontario after finishing his education. He was, however, rusticated for being a problem after the first semester.

Later, he enrolled at Concordia University in Montreal, but in 1990, he left school and moved to New York. In New York, he studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

When Arnett was a teenager, his mother inspired him to seek a career in acting. He participated in acting commercial auditions and became passionate about the craft.

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What Is the Wealth of Will Arnett?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor is worth about $35 million. Arnett, who has acted in more than 50 movies and television shows, is said to make $125,000 every episode.

In 2021, he sold his Beverly Hills property for $8 million, and for $16.4 million, he bought a new mansion in the same neighborhood.

Investments in Real Estate

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Will spent $2.85 million on a Beverly Hills home in 2013. The house was eventually destroyed, and a massive 4,000-square-foot structure with four bedrooms and contemporary facilities was built in its place. In June 2020, the house went on the market for $11 million.

But after a few months, he took the ad down and decided to remain in the house. Then, in 2021, he sold his home for $8 million.

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will arnett net worth

His first film appearance was in Felicity Huffman’s independent film “Erie.” He got his start in a number of shows that networks either didn’t pick up or were canceled after a few episodes. In 1996, he shot his first television pilot for CBS with Kevin Pollak and Lucy Webb, but it was not picked up.

He appeared in another pilot for “The Mike O’Malley Show” on NBC a few years later, but the show was canceled after only two episodes. Arnett claims that the year 2000 was the worst of his life and that, in response to finding no job, he “drank those years away.” During the summer of 2000, a friend assisted Will in winning his fight against alcoholism.

Two years later, in the show “Still Standing,” he finally got a part, but his character was killed off after the first episode. After his fourth unsuccessful pilot, Arnett made the decision to give up on all pilots for good. However, he was eventually convinced to try out for the “Arrested Development” pilot.