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Yellowstone Prequel ‘1932’ – Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, More

To add insult to injury in the Yellowstone Universe, Taylor Sheridan will soon have another program on the Dutton family’s past. For the most part, 1883 and Yellowstone follow the Dutton family as they make their way up the Oregon Trail and keep their family ranch alive, and you know, avoid being slaughtered.

1932 is a much more recent era than 1883, yet it is still likely to track the lives of the Dutton generation. When you consider that, according to Entertainment Weekly, 1883 is Paramount+’s most-watched television series to date, the expansion of the Yellowstone universe makes logical. Season one recaps are available here if you’d want to refresh your memory.) The network appears to be betting the farm on Mr. Sheridan and his band of outlaws.

So, if you’re a die-hard admirer of Yellowstone, kudos! Not only will there be a fifth season of the original show, but there will also be new episodes of 1883 and, as of today, a brand new show called 6666, which is reported to be based on the main show’s Jimmy spinoff. In addition, if the upcoming film 1932 is anything like the last two, it will have an impressive ensemble cast (Kevin Costner leads Yellowstone, and Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott, and Faith Hill star in 1883). Who knows what will happen with all of this in motion? We could watch cowboy movies and shows all year long to keep ourselves entertained.

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Release Date

There is no indication yet on when the show will debut because it was only announced. When the show does premiere, it will most likely be on Paramount+ within a year or two.

What will 1932 be about?

There is no doubt the show will follow the Duttons as they begin to develop their farm and work to ensure their heritage is protected. There will undoubtedly be references to the year 1883, and one of the primary characters will undoubtedly be John Dutton’s father.

It is expected that the show will cover “the dismal backdrop of the Western expansion, Prohibition, and Great Depression” according to Entertainment Weekly.

Who will star in 1932?

There’s no word yet on who will star in the film, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.



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